Node A homepage
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Node A of the Tetworld Peace Through Developement Game

The Tetworld Peace Through Development Game Theory is located on the Tetworld homepages. This is the first of four webpages that document the actual game playing. This webpage is called Node A, and the other three game webpages are known as Node B, Node C, and Node D.

The ultimate goal of the Tetworld Game is to find methods for the creation of the highest standard of living for all humans.

Game Overview:

Node A is the game board and guidelines.

Node B consists of gathering the game pieces.

Node C comprise the manipulation of the pieces pursuant to the guidelines.

Node D consists of the results of the play.

Current Game:

This is the first game played.
Started 2-99.
Players; (3 names)

Current Guidelines:

Political soultions are prohibited.

Scope of play is limited to Node webpage setup.

Links to Nodes B, C, D